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Designers share their visions through the things they create. Getting to know their stories offers insight into what motivates and inspires them—and may help you, as retailers, sell their products in your shops. This page is a work in progress where we will post designer profiles, including many that have appeared in past issues of the magazine. Check back often to learn more about the people who design the products you love!

Meet January’s Featured Designer

Sarah Sczepanski
Artxtiles for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Sarah’s monotype print technique aligns with the artisanal handmade, mindful slow craft trend amongst makers. Her gender-neutral artwork such as Rust & Bloom offers organic forms and textures in palettes on trend for home décor –very befitting as she sells her art through art dealers. Read more…

Yvonne Fuchs
Sewing at the Speed of Sound

Yvonne Fuchs is drawn to saturated colors and bold geometric designs. Maybe this stems from her earlier career as an aerospace engineer. Or perhaps it’s the product of intentionally focusing on her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Read more…

Janelle Girod and Kristin Rodriguez
Fiber on a Whim

Janelle is a fiber artist and her daughter, Kristin, is a quilter. Together they are Fiber on a Whim, an online source for surface design and embellishment products based in Georgia. This
dynamic mother-daughter duo experiments with paints, dyes, and three-dimensional objects to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art and inspire customers to do the same. If it’s not “bolted down or already attached to something else,” they say, it is fair game for application as an embellishment.  Read more…

May Chappell
Nothing Lost in Translation

Lee Chappell Monroe’s conversation is peppered wit made-up words. She describes her brother’s skills as “computer” and “mathy,” and her mom’s sewing tips as “garment.” The context makes their meaning clear, but when Monroe filmed a Craftsy class on tips and tricks for quilting efficiency she told quilters they could “gooch” the block over a bit. The producers had her rerecord it. “They said I could say ‘move’ or even ‘scooch,’ but ‘gooch’ was going to confuse international viewers,” Monroe recalls with a laugh. “It wasn’t easy to look up on Google translate!” Read more…

Helen Robinson and Jenny Pedigo
Sew Kind of Wonderful

Sew Kind of Wonderful provides tools, patterns, and inspiration that appeal to traditional and modern quilters alike in an ongoing cycle of creativity. Read more…

Lynne Hagmeier
Kansas Troubles Quilters

Lynne Hagmeier caught the attention of Mark Dunn, president and owner of Moda
Fabrics, when a block-of-the-month pattern she designed created a demand for Moda fabrics that were out of print. It was the late 1990s and applique BOMs were the rage. Read more…