2023 Craft Retailer Survey

The 2023 Craft Retailer Survey organized by Audience Audit and Stitchcraft Marketing included 923 respondents from April to May 2023. Respondents included manufacturers, distributors and retailers of craft products. The research has a margin of error of +/- 3.2 percentage points at a 95% confidence level.

Four distinct attitudinal segments emerged among respondents; these are groups of craft business owners who share a set of attitudes. Do you see yourself in one of these personas?

Community Casey


Believes in the importance of personal relationships, community, and supporting small businesses.

Confident Chris


Believes their business is excelling in product quality, generating revenue, uniqueness of products, manufacturer relationships, and staying on top of trends.

Online Embracing Ollie


Sells through their ecommerce site and believes direct-to-consumer has little impact on their business model or doesn’t apply to them at all.

Worried Willa


Believes that manufacturers/distributors should provide more support and that selling direct to consumers and working with influencers hurts retailers.

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