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An interview with Barri Sue Gaudet, owner of Bareroots Designs

By Tiffany Jawor-Smith This collection allows quilters to try out embroidery and embroiderers to branch [...]

3 Questions to Ask to Avoid Being Just Another Shop

By Jacob Curtis No one wants to get lost in the crowd, but how do [...]

Positive culture produces satisfied employees

The way you manage your greatest asset—your people— affects their performance and productivity. Employees flourish [...]

Unlocking Social Media Success: Content Ideas

Last week, we delved into the process of creating a social media calendar. This week, [...]

Meeting payroll

Susan dreamed of owning her own business, conducted research to understand the market, put a solid [...]

Manage Social Media with a Calendar

As a business owner, staying on top of social media can sometimes feel overwhelming. In [...]

Executive Retreats

Running a business can be overwhelming, and getting bogged down in day-to-day details can hinder [...]

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Do you feel lost in the land of social media? Much has changed in the [...]

Color in Your Store

Color has a powerful impact on consumers. By understanding how to use color to your [...]

Retailing in a Recession: Part Four

Many retailers closed their doors during the last recession and lately, the economic outlook has [...]

Retailing in a Recession: Part Three

Although we are not currently experiencing a recession, it’s important for retailers to have the [...]

Retailing in a Recession: Part Two

Although we aren’t in a recession, we want to give all retailers the tools to [...]