Dawn Rosengren

Dawn Rosengren is a self-taught watercolor artist and homeschool mother of fourteen years. She grew up in a small town nestled in the country as an only child.  As a child, she found comfort spending time with animals when she was lonely. Now, she lives with her husband and two children on a five-acre hobby farm filled with many little animals they call family.

Dawn Rosengren

She is truly thankful for all the ways the Lord has blessed her. Every day there are little beautiful gifts from His hands when you take the time to see them. Dawn loves to paint life on the farm and capture tiny surprises like bird nests and the colors of newly opened flowers. She wants to live her life always looking for these treasures and always finding something to be thankful for. She hopes to capture paintings that bring joy to your heart, a smile to your face, and a reminder to your soul that God loves you and He will never let you go.

She paints to remind herself of the many blessings she has been given and to share the good news with others. The Bible says to rejoice always, and to give thanks for all things. These things are a gift from Him who made you. He truly is the great Shepherd. Dawn also has a heart for children and longs to create gentle textiles that will bring warmth and comfort to them. She wants each of her designs to be something the children will love and will spend time finding their favorite quilt square. Dawn’s first line with Henry Glass was “You Are Loved.” Each day is a gift, so live life beautiful.

Ships December 2023

A Beautiful Day

Dawn’s inspiration comes from her everyday life on the Little Love Farm. She loves all creatures – big and small. This collection reflects a perfect day on the homestead. Animals roam on the farm, the sun shines and the sky is crystal blue. Imagine the sound of birds singing and the breeze blowing through the trees. This 15-piece collection brings back a simpler time when you could just sit back and enjoy the little things in life.  It ships in December.

Inspiration from the A Beautiful Day collection: