Fran Morgan, Flower Power for The Blank Quilting Corp.

Flower Power by Fran Morgan includes 15 designs that were created with original hand sketches that were imported and manipulated in a graphics software program.

Fran Morgan, nationally known author, designer, teacher and co-owner of Fabric Café, has been professionally active in the creative industry for over 30 years. Fran has been featured in numerous quilting magazines and has published over 100 books and dozens of individual patterns.

Fran Morgan designs in many needlecraft mediums and loves bright and bold colors that evoke energy and joy.  “I am a highly visual person. I love all colors and bold elements. When I create a texture or pattern, I want to feel happy when I see it. I want visual impact that makes you stop and look twice and think, “That’s different and cool!”  Fran looks for inspiration everywhere she turns. “I’ll be out shopping for something random, like a new shower curtain or throw pillows, and suddenly realize that color combinations and graphic elements start popping into my mind. Creating is a natural state that I continually live. I love the unexpected and combining elements that are not usual. The bolder the better!” 

Delivering March 2023
15 SKU’s

Flower Power evokes playfulness and happiness. It’s a bright and flirty line that includes all the colors of the rainbow. Flowers float on a background of colorful dots and circular graphics that create a look of depth, almost like you could reach in and grab one of those bold-colored blooms. Fun, quirky, happy, and down-right joyful in four great color ways.

Flower Power is a bright and bold line full of happy florals on a background of floating dots and circles. The line is perfectly balanced for Fran’s 3-yard quilt designs from Fabric Café. 3-yard quilts use a strategic 1, 2, 3 fabric selection process. Flower Power has the perfect balance of bold prints for a focus fabric, light backgrounds for the fabric #2 and that bit of pop for a fabric #3!  Check out Fran’s new book, Make It Modern With 3-Yard Quilts at and see how Fran uses Flower Power in her quilts!


Inspiration from the Flower Power collection: