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Listen as Darrin Stern and Heidi Kaisand delve into Heidi’s background, discussing her early quilting experiences and her diverse career in the creative industry. From editing craft titles to managing national sales for long-arm quilting machines, Heidi eventually opened her own quilt shop, Hen & Chick Studio. In 2015, she acquired American Quilt Retailer and later expanded to include Creative Retailer Magazine to reach a broader audience of small businesses.

The discussion moves to innovation and trends in the industry, emphasizing the role of video in conveying creative ideas and reaching customers. Heidi also shares insights into how technology has positively impacted her brick-and-mortar store and expanded its reach beyond the local community.

Heidi highlights major life events like births, graduations, and weddings as opportunities to attract new customers to her store. By tailoring products and projects to these events, she creates a welcoming entry point for individuals of various ages and skill levels.

The conversation then shifts to the challenges of staying motivated and inspired as a creative professional. Heidi emphasizes the importance of networking, attending trade shows, and investing in oneself to maintain enthusiasm and keep business ideas fresh. She shares her personal mantras of striving to be 1% better each day and consistently adding value to others’ lives.

Lastly, Heidi provides insights into her decision-making process, balancing her entrepreneurial spirit with a practical, analytical approach. She stresses the significance of understanding financials, delegating responsibilities, and having a clear vision for short-term and long-term goals.

Throughout the episode, Heidi’s passion for the creative industry shines through, highlighting the joy and fulfillment she finds in helping others unleash their creativity.

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