What If by Paula Nadelstern

For Paula Nadelstern the “What If” question is always the pivotal starting point for a creative brainstorming session. Each time the question pops up it is a challenge to explore possibilities which in turn lead to satisfying, unexpected solutions. A million What-If questions later, these are 18 ingenious answers making up the absolute visual feast that is Paula Nadelstern’s latest fabric collection. Each design combines the symmetry, intricacy and abundant color that characterizes all of Paula’s creative works. Of the five different patterns, the three titled Prima Donna, Radio Star and Good Vibes are decorative configurations consisting of rhythmic, interlaced forms. The fourth pattern, Spectrum, is an expressive, pulsating stripe. The collection is completed by Brush, a non-directional all-over pattern that renders a sense of depth and luminosity and is available in six different tonal combinations. What If is available in three intriguing and unusual colorways thus offering a unique imaginative playground.

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Benartex – What If by Paula Nadelstern

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