Craft Effective Social Media Content

Listen to this workshop workshop dedicated to making social media work for you, including Creating Content to Sell and How to Get Your Social Media Moving. Featuring Kristy Honsvick (internationally sought out content strategist) and Hollie Clere (social media strategist, consultant, and trainer)!

Is your content & social media driving the results you want? Kristy sets new standards for content innovation strategy and raising the bar on how to show up online and on social media. She is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs the organic strategies they need to know to get their message in front of a lot more people.

Have you ever struggled with how to share your story online? Do you know how to incorporate strategy into your marketing? Hollie has over 12 years of executive consulting for small businesses in how to build their history into a relatable story, full of expertise and strategy. Her processes are proven across all markets and industries. Hollie appreciates the vulnerability of others, in sharing their passions and being present in what they love.

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