Industry News: Memories of Wizard of Oz

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Those of you who grew up watching the Wizard of Oz every year on Thanksgiving week-end, will love this. Step into a world of magic and adventure with our Sew Place Like Home Quilt from Art East Quilting Co. Inspired by L. Frank Baum’s ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,’ this quilt is a true masterpiece that will transport you to the Land of Oz with every stitch.

Sell this pattern on its own, or use it to sell fabric by creating a kit. Materials needed and fabric recommendations are provided in the pattern. The finished quilt measures 65″ x 74″. This pattern is intended for the experienced quilter and uses traditional piecing methods (no paper piecing). Each block is meticulously detailed with step-by-step diagrams and written instructions, making the piecing process an enjoyable experience.

Fabric layout guides are provided to make the most of your fabric. Choose to make your quilt with or without the mini-block borders containing famous iconography from the story. The Sew Place Like Home Quilt was initially released in nine parts as a block-of-the-month. Its blocks are designed to help improve piecing skills and build confidence as a quilter. The quilter can make this quilt as a solo project, or you can split it into chunks to create your own block-of-the-month experience with customers and friends.

They’ve included best practices to help you create a successful project, including fabric prep, pressing, matching points and the daunting task of finding your 1/4″ seam allowance.

This pattern is due to arrive next month so place your orders now.

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