Industry News: KIZER & BENDER’s Retail Adventures Blog Comes in at Number 1 on Shopify’s List of the 18 Retail Blogs Every Small Business Owner Should be Reading!

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Back in 2005 we were looking for
ways to keep in touch with retailers in between trade shows, so when a group of
indie retailers asked us to start a blog we jumped at the chance and KIZER
& BENDER’s Retail Adventures blog
was born.

Over the years our Retail
Adventures Blog has been honored many time in the small business and retail categories, and
has been listed among blogs you shouldn’t miss. This time is even sweeter
because the acknowledgement comes from Shopify, a trusted and respected retail
industry supplier. Even better we came in at number one! Here’s what Shopify
had to say:

1. Kizer and Bender’s Retail

Featuring the latest and greatest
insights from Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender, this blog offers readers the
duo’s unique perspectives as speakers, authors, consumer anthropologists, and
consultants to some of the world’s biggest retailers. On their blog, you’ll
find tips on topics such as customer service, merchandising, and everything in
between that’s relevant to successfully running your retail store.

This is our 33rd year
as KIZER & BENDER, and our 18th year writing our blog. Needless
to say, we’re pretty excited. Thank you, Shopify for recognizing our continued Retail

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