Industry News: American Jane: Melody of Tradition and Innovation with New Quilt Patterns

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Get ready, quilters and fabric aficionados alike! American Jane’s new collection of quilt patterns is here, and it’s taking the quilting world by storm. With an innovative mix of the traditional and the avant-garde, American Jane’s latest offering includes “Do Re Mi,” “Musical Stairs,” “3D Pinwheels,” “Major Minor,” “Rotation,” and “Appli’ Jacks.”

The first pattern, Do Re Mi, showcases a delightful dance of musical notes and keys cascading across the canvas. The layout of blocks and color placement creates a visual representation of a beautiful melody, allowing the quilter to ‘sing’ with fabric and thread. It’s a perfect choice for music lovers or those who appreciate rhythm and movement in their designs.

Next, we have Musical Stairs. This pattern uniquely interprets the image of piano keys flowing upwards in a stair-like fashion. It brings an element of whimsy and dynamism that is sure to be a conversation starter. The contrast between light and dark fabrics gives it a three-dimensional look, creating a sensation of ascension. Musical Stairs is a lap-sized quilt that is fat eighth friendly.

3D Pinwheels is a unique setting for a unique block! This quilt is fat-quarter-friendly. 3D Pinwheels puts a twist on the classic pinwheel pattern, giving it a surprising three-dimensional effect. By carefully selecting and placing the fabrics, the pinwheels seem to pop off the quilt, spinning and twirling as if caught by a breeze. This pattern adds life and dimension to any room and is perfect for those looking for a more interactive and engaging quilt.

Major Minor is a lap-sized throw that can be made with a layer cake, background fabric, and sashings. In Major Minor, American Jane plays with scale and color to create a quilt that is at once harmonious and striking. Just as in music, the major and minor blocks interact to produce a quilt that is rich in visual interest and depth. The pattern also allows for individual interpretation, making each quilt a unique masterpiece.

Rotation is a sweet twist on a Dresden Plate quilt and is layer cake friendly. It plays with the concepts of motion and perspective. This pattern is a dizzying array of blocks turned at various angles, creating the illusion of perpetual motion. It’s a delightful visual puzzle that keeps the viewer’s eyes moving, tracing the blocks as they seem to rotate around the quilt.

Finally, Appli’ Jacks reinterprets the classic Applejack pattern with an applique approach, adding texture and depth to the design. Each apple is meticulously designed with an incredible level of detail. It’s an homage to tradition, yet reinvented with a fresh and modern touch. Appli’ Jacks is a layer cake-friendly quilt as well.

American Jane’s latest patterns offer a brilliant blend of old and new, and a touch of fun and sophistication that is characteristic of their brand. Each pattern is designed with careful thought, inviting quilters of all skill levels to create their own masterpieces. With these new patterns, every stitch will surely be a joyful journey of discovery.

So, pick up your needles, quilters. Let the rhythm of “Do Re Mi” inspire you, climb the “Musical Stairs,” spin the “3D Pinwheels,” play with “Major Minor,” join the “Rotation,” and savor the fruits of “Appli’ Jacks.” With American Jane, your quilting symphony awaits!

All of these patterns are due to arrive next month so place your orders now!

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