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Provide Legacy Customer Service

Customer service is your business’s legacy. Read on for tips to encourage customers to shop [...]

Creating a Customer Avatar: Part Two

Last week we learned what a customer avatar is and the data points that help [...]

Creating a Customer Avatar

Why do your customers chose to shop with you? If you don’t know the answer [...]

Budgeting for Inventory: Part Two

Last week we covered how to budget for inventory with funds you have. (Remember, if [...]

Budgeting for Inventory

Are you spending money you don’t have for inventory? Continue reading to learn how to [...]

Pandemic Profits

It’s been 30 months since the pandemic began. How does your business stack up? If [...]

Retail Merchandising

Psychology plays a huge role in retail merchandising. Read on for ways to display your [...]

Make the Most of Mannequins

Did you know customers are more likely to notice mannequins than any other fixture in [...]

Onboarding New Hires

Congratulations, you have a new employee! Now it’s time to onboard them so they feel [...]

Creating Company Culture

Every business has company culture, whether they realize it or not. Creating a strong culture [...]

Exclusive Products

One of the best parts about being a quilt retailer is providing exclusive products consumers [...]

Personalizing your Package

We’ve all opened a beautifully wrapped package. The extra warmth that attention to detail and [...]