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Livestreaming: Part Three

In the final part of our livestreaming triology, we cover the housekeeping pieces: best practices, promoting, and all of your livestreaming options. Best Practices and Promotion For best practices we’ll keep it short and sweet: Prep your materials and setup before you go live. Include a promo code during your livestream to further entice viewers […]

Livestreaming: Part Two

To continue our series on livestreaming, this week we’ll cover how to structure your livestream as well as ideas on what to livestream about. How to Structure Livestreaming is much like organizing a dinner party; the atmosphere changes depending how many people show up! If one person shows up, the livestream will feel more like […]

Livestreaming: Part One

In this next series, we’ll cover everything you need to know about livestreaming. In Part One specifically, we’ll go over what livestreaming is and tips to increase engagement. What is Livestreaming? According to Wikipedia, livestreaming is media that is simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time over the internet. Additionally, 80% of livestream viewers prefer […]