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Think Outside the Box: Embracing Social Platforms

Believe it or not, there actually are social media platforms other than Facebook and Instagram! Whatever social media platforms you spend your time on doesn’t necessarily reflect the same alignment as social platforms your customers spend their time on. Read on for a list of other social media platforms to check out, and what sort […]

Pinterest for Business: Part 2

In part two of Pinterest for Business, we start pinning! Read on for best practices and everything you need to know to start creating boards. Pinterest Best Practices Remember that Pinterest isn’t social media, but it does operate similarly. Pinterest also utilizes algorithms, and like social media, it changes all the time. While this post […]

Pinterest for Business

2021 was the year of social media, and we know keeping up with all of your options isn’t easy. Read on for everything you need to know to about Pinterest and if it’s a fit for your shop. Pinterest lingo The first thing to know about Pinterest is that it isn’t social media (just like […]