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Finding Your Financial Sweet Spot

Growing a business is hard but it shouldn’t be impossible. Read on to find your company’s sweet spot and accomplish your financial goals. The Sweet Spot According to “The Pumpkin Plan” by Mike Michalowizc, there is something called the sweet spot that helps you grow your business. Just like growing a large pumpkin requires the […]

Payroll Made Easy: Part Two

Last week we learned how to calculate payroll as well as how to pay yourself an owner’s salary. In part two of Payroll Made Easy find out if you can afford additional employees and how your payroll can be covered through cash flow management. Managing Cash Flow To alleviate the stress of wondering if you […]

Payroll Made Easy

Paying yourself and your staff shouldn’t be a struggle each month. Read on for how you can manage payroll. Calculating Payroll Payroll is the largest expense your business is going to face. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean you don’t need the help. If you’re struggling to pay your employees every month, you might just […]