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Employment Laws: Part Three

To complete our Employee Handbook series, we conclude by covering handbook disclaimers. Read on to learn more about the At-Will and NLRA-Protected Activity Disclaimers. At-Will Disclaimer Disclaimers are important. A great disclaimer to start with is the disclaimer that the intent of the handbook is not to be an employee contract. Another disclaimer to include […]

Employment Laws: Part Two

To continue our Employee Handbook series, this week we cover wage laws and drug testing. Before we jump into employment laws, read on for upcoming AQR Academy events. AQR Summer Camp There’s still time to register for AQR Summer Camp! For a limited time, $100 gets you access to the next three AQR Academy Workshops. […]

Employment Laws

Several weeks ago we covered how to write an employee handbook. In our next series, we outline the local, state, and federal laws that you should include in your employee handbook. Equal Employment Equal Employment Opportunity prohibits unlawful discrimination based on age, race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, and genetic information. This also prohibits […]

Employee Handbook Part 2

Last week we covered where to start on your employee handbook. Now we’ll cover how to fill in the bones. Read on for a policy outline as well as state and federal regulations. State and Federal Regulations Firstly, employment laws change frequently and vary by location. Some recent updates that come to mind include legalization […]

Employee Handbook

Even if you feel like your employees are your second family, an employee handbook is just a good business practice. Read on for reasons why this helps communication and where to start this seemingly-daunting task. Why do I need an employee handbook? There are many reasons you should have an employee handbook. The first is […]