Creative Retailer: June 2024 Issue – From the Publisher, Heidi Kaisand

As we move through each day, each week, each month in our business I do love that this is my business and I’m completely responsible for it! That means if things are going well, I can stay the course. If things need changing, I can make changes and improvements. This is the power of owning your own business. There are three things on my mind right now that keep challenging my thoughts and my actions.

  1. Do not love your fabric. There will be more. I try to keep on top of getting the old out the door, making room for the new. But in a recent store clean-up of older bolts, I was hit with how quickly you can end of up with old fabrics. Ones that say “oh this is a great background” or “oh, I think this fabric is a great design.” Then I look at when I purchased the fabric and am quickly reminded that although I think it’s a great piece of fabric, the sales don’t indicate that! Time to go.
  2. Our websites are an important tool for us to use in our business. A tool that needs to be worked with every day in order to help us succeed. No matter what POS or Website platform you use, the tool is only as good as you make it. When moving around on our website, I stumbled upon links that no longer worked because the products are gone. Images that need to be replaced because the product is sold out. I want our customers to have a good experience on our website so taking action to !x these is important.
  3. Video, Video, Video. It’s not going away. It’s here to stay. It’s going to help us get in front of our customers and stay top of mind. Short. Long. Education. Entertainment. Videos of all kinds, lengths and styles will work. Just do video.

What are you doing today to keep your business on course?

Inside the June issue, you will discover:

  • Small-Biz Burnout SOS
  • Recharge Your Batteries with a Book
  • First Impressions
  • Changing Hours?
  • Vision to Delegation
  • Crafting Connections
  • The Power of a CRM System
  • Midyear Momentum
  • Trade Show Insights
  • Hot Picks
  • Materials Matter

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