Creative Retailer: February 2024 Issue – From the Publisher, Heidi Kaisand

This quote really speaks to my small-business owner mindset. I have goals. I want to be successful. But it takes commitment to reach those goals. When running a small business, every day can be an adventure. Which business task needs to be done? Am I working with my bookkeeper and handling bills? Am I the human resources manager, striving to keep our staff focused and dedicated to their jobs? The list goes on and on. The variety of the tasks and the challenge of juggling them are reasons I love running a business.

As I push toward new goals in 2024, I am keeping my eye on the prize and evaluating what is going to motivate me and keep me focused on pursuing these dreams. Here are actions that will benefit us all.

  • Education. Be open to learning new ideas, new technologies and new strategies. Reading the articles in Creative Retailer magazine and attending both in-person and virtual classes are at the top of the list. People who are experts in various business topics can offer so much help in moving us forward.
  • Inspiration and awareness. Attend a trade show. These events are designed to pack a lot into a small time frame. Explore vendors for new products. Meet the designers and creators of the products we love to sell, and see the products being used first-hand.
  • Networking. Find our people! Having a handful of other business owners in our corner is just what we need when we have a question, are seeking help to solve a problem or require inspiration.
  • Accountability. Keep ourselves accountable. Do we have a person on the team to check in with regarding meeting our responsibilities? Or will a business coach or outside individual help us be accountable?

Here at Creative Retailer we’re committed to helping you succeed. Whether it’s attending one of our Creative Retailer On the Go events, stopping by to see us at a trade show, or joining our Roundtable Discussion, I hope I have a chance to meet you and hear about your business this year.

Inside the February issue, you will discover:

  • Buy It, Sell It, Buy More – Tom Shay, Profits Plus
  • The Heartbeat of the Store – Gwen Bortner
  • Grab Their Attention – Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender, Kizer & Bender
  • Dig into the Data – Meagan Rodgers, Stitchcraft Marketing
  • Open Communication – Kate Colleran and Kris Poor
  • Engage Through Emails – Tracy Walker
  • Start Stitching – Michele Muska
  • Tax Prep – Jacob Curtis, CPA, CPFA
  • In it for the Long Haul – Hillary Mathewson

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