Creative Retailer: December 2023 Issue

As 2023 comes to a close, I will spend time reviewing the past year before moving forward into 2024, but I also need time to wrap up some projects in December. I want to end the year strong. I’m asking myself, “What needs to happen in December so I can consider the month a WIN and a strong finish to the year.”

  • Make that list. Get detailed. Be specific.
  • Prioritize your list. Grab those colored highlighters and rank the entries in order of what will impact your business the most.
  • Create a schedule. What needs to be done by when? Can you do the tasks yourself? Do you need help?
  • Wake up every morning and check your schedule, working to accomplish things on your list each day.

Then turn to page 4 and read Jacob Curtis’ article on setting SMARTY goals and head into 2024 with an even better plan for making your business run smoothly. Also, join the Creative Retailer Roundtable (sign up at for a monthly networking event where retailers help each other with brainstorming and talking through business items that can make a difference each day.

Together, we can make 2024 the year you want it to be.

Table of Contents

  • Avoid New Year’s Resolution Failure
  • Right People in the Right Roles
  • Quilt Market 2023
  • Learning from Liberty
  • Hot Picks
  • Materials Matter
  • 5 Elements of a Foolproof Onboarding Plan
  • Keeping it Fresh
  • Boost Your Email Marketing
  • Build a Strong Community

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